About Marj

I moved to Pacifica in 1985 – 35 years ago – purchased a home in 1988 and have been involved in giving back to the community since.  I served as President and Treasurer of Pacifica’s Environmental Family during my 6 years on the board.  I am currently on a leave of absence from my role as a Pacifica Resource Center board member.  I am also Treasurer for Pacifica Gardens and was Co-Director, Business and Administration of Pacifica Gardens.  I have been an active volunteer with Pacific Beach Coalition and the Pacifica Resource Center.

I was a parent volunteer throughout my children’s elementary and junior high school education years in the Pacifica School District.  I was a classroom volunteer, field trip leader, parent chaperone and was active in event coordination and fundraising.  (Fellow parents may remember me as Marj Burnfield.)

Professionally, I have been involved in technical sales and business management for the last 30 years, including budgeting, facilities management, expense control and strategic planning.  I have a degree in Business Management, graduating summa cum laude, including study in Non-Profit Management.  I have training in Bookkeeping for Non-Profits and completed the “Be The Change” program, a social and environmental leadership program offered by Acterra, Palo Alto CA.  In my free time, I enjoy hiking, gardening, knitting, and am an avid birder.

I am committed to giving to those in need, contributing to our community, being a steward of the earth and the environment and preserving Pacifica’s natural resources and beauty.  


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